Number 17 Meaning in the Bible

Mana manifesting in mysterious ways? Unlocked secrets revealed through the numeric symbol of seventeen? The infallible truth of the Bible exhumed by its infamously enigmatic number? Read on to uncover the number 17’s cryptic enigma and ponder over its spiritual significance.

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The Number Seventeen in the Bible

The Bible is filled with mysterious symbols and numbers that have been interpreted in various ways for centuries. One such number is the number seventeen, which appears multiple times in both the Old and New Testaments.

While some interpret this number as a special divine sign, others see it as having more mundane significance. In this article, we will explore what the Bible has to say about the Number 17 and its potential meaning.

Number 17 Meaning in the Bible

The first mention of the Number 17 in the Bible comes from Genesis 41:26-27, where Pharaoh dreams of seven cows being devoured by seven other cows.

This dream was interpreted by Joseph to mean that there would be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine; each year represented by one cow – making a total of fourteen cows (seven plus seven).

However, Joseph then added three more years to complete Pharaoh’s vision – bringing us to seventeen total cows. This symbolic representation can be read as God’s promise for abundance after a period of hardship – which could explain why Number 17 is seen as a symbol of hope and faith throughout Scripture.

In addition to its appearance in Genesis, the number seventeen also makes an appearance in several other books throughout the Bible including Leviticus 26:8-10 and Revelation 13:18 – both describing apocalyptic events associated with judgment day.

It is possible that these passages reference Seventeen due to its association with completeness or perfection; these passages speak directly about God’s judgment being perfect and just – something often associated with Seventeen due to its symbolism for completeness or finality.

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What is the Meaning of the Number 17 in the Old Testament?

The number seventeen holds a special significance in the Old Testament, often being associated with religious symbolism. In the Bible, this number appears multiple times and is connected to a variety of meanings.

It is often seen as a representation of divine perfection and completeness, as it refers to one plus six plus ten—the four perfect numbers in ancient Hebrew numerology representing God’s perfection.

Additionally, this number symbolizes victory over death and evil due to its connection to the story of Elijah’s resurrection when he was taken up into Heaven on the 17th day after his death.

Furthermore, seventeen has also been linked with righteousness since it appears throughout various passages that speak of God rewarding those who do what is right according to His will. Ultimately, these interpretations demonstrate how deeply meaningful this numeral can be within the context of faith-based literature.

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The symbolism of Number Seventeen in the New Testament

The number 17 is a powerful symbol in the New Testament. It is often used to represent spiritual perfection, completeness, and redemption. In the Bible, it is often associated with the promises of God’s blessings and favor as well as His justice and judgment.

In Revelation 13:18, John uses the number 17 to signify that Jesus Christ has authority over all things—both physical and spiritual—and that He will be victorious over death.

In Matthew 18:22-23, Jesus teaches us about forgiveness by using a parable of a servant owing seventeen times his master’s debt—representing how much we owe God for our sins. In Luke 15:11-32, Jesus tells the parable of a lost son who returns home after seventeen years away from his father’s house—symbolizing redemption through repentance and turning back to God.

The number 17 may also symbolize hope or renewal in Scripture. For instance, in Job 5:17–18 we read that “blessed are those whose help is from You; whose hope [is] in You alone…”

This verse speaks of trusting only in God for hope during difficult times which can be seen as referring back to Psalm 17 where David calls on God for protection against his enemies while proclaiming his faithfulness towards Him.

Lastly, Daniel 9:25 speaks of “seventy-sevens” being decreed by heaven upon Jerusalem—which has been interpreted as seventy weeks or 490 years (7×70) prophesying until the coming of Christ (

Examples of How Number Seventeen is Used in Scripture

Number 17 is often used in Scripture to symbolize spiritual perfection, completeness, and victory. The number appears in both the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible. Here are some notable examples of how it is used:

In Genesis 32:17, Jacob wrestles with an angel for a full night until he receives a blessing from God. The verse reads “And he (Jacob) called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved” – referencing his spiritual transformation after wrestling with God all night long.

In Christian theology, this story symbolizes perfect unity between man and God through faith alone.

In Exodus 17:16 when Moses holds up his staff over Pharaoh’s army during the battle against the Israelites; this represents divine power overcoming impossible odds for a righteous cause.

This story serves as an example that even when facing overwhelming opposition from enemies on earth – our faith can still be victorious if we remain steadfast in our beliefs and trust in God’s protection.

In Ezekiel 17:17-18, Ezekiel speaks of a great eagle who carries off two young twigs from atop a cedar tree – representing how we must surrender ourselves to divine will if we want to receive salvation from our sins.

This passage serves as a reminder that only by trusting completely in His love can true transformation take place within us; regardless of our past or present situation might be at any given time.

Finally, Revelation 17-18 talks about how Babylon will fall due to its prideful ways.

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The Significance and Relevance of Number Seventeen

The significance and relevance of the number 17 in the Bible are evident. While it may appear as nothing more than a simple numerical symbol, its implications have far-reaching effects on our understanding of the holy text.

By considering its symbolic importance within scripture, we can gain a deeper appreciation for both its spiritual meaning and practical applications. It can help us to better comprehend the Biblical narrative, develop closer relationships with God, and live out our faith with greater confidence.

As we continue to explore this powerful number’s influence throughout scripture, we should strive to align ourselves more closely with its teachings in order to bring us ever closer to our Creator.